Tiny Taxonomy : Highgate Cemetery

London's Highgate Cemetery is both an ecological singularity and an active site of burial. Divided in two parts, the collection for this version of Tiny Taxonomy focused on the mostly private West side, which is also the oldest and least disturbed side. These grounds are prospering in first succession, witnessed by newly sprouting trees intermixed with an active naturalization of introduced horticultural varieties, carried in and planted by visitors. As a form of practice, Tiny Taxonomy proposes that first hand experience is research, that transplanting is a project and that displacement is a generative form of fieldwork. The practical problem of experimentation, of lessons learned in the field and of designing through first hand engagement can offer designers a chance to build knowledge of a different sort, a kind of learning that attempts to align itself with the qualities of transformation we are so fond of explicating, but have little evidence of testing. Please follow link to more information:



With the generous support of Tim Richardson