Tiny Taxonomy, installation

Tiny Taxonomy highlights the beauty and frailty of nature’s most inconspicuous and often ignored players: the plants of the forest floor. By providing a partial inventory of some of the smallest operators of the boreal forest ecosystem and by elevating these species from their traditional position underfoot, their highly delicate and intricate nature will be made evident. In its iteration at the Jardins de Métis et Festival International de Jardins in Québec, Tiny Taxonomy places the plants of the boreal forest floor on display, bringing the tiniest specimens closer to eye level. Although trees are the main structural element of the forest ecosystem, the groundcover is a rich patchwork of seedlings, grasses, mosses, lichens and herbs. These species are essential to process of decomposition, the principal process in the cycle of continuance in the forest. Although gardens take years to develop to their full potential, Tiny is planted as it is imagined. Tiny invites the viewer to take a moment to consider the beauty of individual species. Please follow link to enjoy complete publication:


planter 22dplanter 22d
RSE_TINY 05 Metis detail 2012 planter 16-C rseRSE_TINY 05 Metis detail 2012 planter 16-C rse
RSE_TINY 03 Metis detail 2011 planter 20_C rseRSE_TINY 03 Metis detail 2011 planter 20_C rse

With the generous support of Alexander Reford.