Tiny Taxonomy, installation

Tiny Taxonomy highlights the delicate beauty of mountain wildflowers and alpine perennials, common to rocky, high altitude environments, displayed in a field of 25 reflective cylinders. Tiny Taxonomy classifies plants through shared and common traits, derived from micro-characteristics, inventing a taxonomy. The plants exhibit taxonomically useful features, such as a cushion-like form to resist wind, large flowers to encourage pollination, and densely-packed leaves to protect them from frost. Each plant on display is small, tough, and their beauty is best apprehended by intimate observation. Tiny Taxonomy unpacks and represents the garden for our consideration, offering 25 species at eye level for viewing the small structures that unite them. This version of Tiny Taxonomy was presented at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 2013. 

RSE_TINY 09 ISGM detail_C rseRSE_TINY 09 ISGM detail_C rse
07 E Akane A07 E Akane A
RSE_TINY 10 ISGM detail C rseRSE_TINY 10 ISGM detail C rse

With the generous support of Charles Waldheim