Scientific forestry relies on the opposing fixes of either materializing or clearing woody plants through deforestation, afforestation, agroforestation, and or reforestation. In this rotation economy, the operations of subtraction and addition necessitate that plants be transformed into units, securing endless expansion. The tree is no longer valued for its diversity, biology, beauty, or affiliated customs, but for its presence or absence alone. The tree-object is only appreciated for its capacity to be extracted. Can forestation succeed without pacifying and industrializing plant life? Has planting been entirely overcome by procedural statistics? This essays reviews the cycles of forestation through the obsession with pre-fixes: De-forestation, Agro-forestation, Af-forestation and De-forestation. As part of Harvard Design magazine issue no. 45 "Into the Woods" (2018).




ELKIN_ RS 2018 The Prefixes of Forestation -HDM4 V18 2ELKIN_ RS 2018 The Prefixes of Forestation -HDM4 V18 2