Platform 6, Design Concept and Executive Editor

Harvard University Graduate School of Design has always recognized the indispensable importance and values of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban design, yet has transcended their individual aspirations through intellectual cross-fertilization and collaboration. The material presented in this publication forms a small part of the incredible range and diversity of proposals and visions that the GSD students and faculty have produced during the past academic year. This work is indicative of the School s commitment, as a global leader in the field, to exploring and articulating transformative ideas through the power of design. It is as important for us to share and communicate the outcome of our research and design investigations as it is to show the fertile circumstances and conditions for the making of these projects. More information 


P6 Option Ruins over Memory 2P6 Option Ruins over Memory 2
P6 Landscape Thesis 2P6 Landscape Thesis 2
P6 Core 3 LandscapeP6 Core 3 Landscape
P6 Architecture Thesis 1P6 Architecture Thesis 1
P6 Core 3 ArchitectureP6 Core 3 Architecture
P6 Core Urban DesignP6 Core Urban Design
P6 Option Fun PalaceP6 Option Fun Palace
P6 Option UtopiodsP6 Option Utopiods

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